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 Koda 02/2017

Available for breeding (also frozen semen)! 
Successful natural matings in the summer of 2018.
Contact information: sanna.pyykkonen (at) kooikerhondje.fi

FI CH, TK1, RKT1, RTK2, RTK3 RTK4 Callitris Hidalgo Erminia "Koda" (in Breeding database)
Born October 3, 2006
Bred by Kennel Callitris, Kitee Finland
Father: FinCH, EstCH Ruffin "Eppu" (in Breeding database)
Mother: Callitris Erminia Celeste "Fiona" (in Breeding database)
Lives in Lahti, Finland (about 100 kilometres from Helsinki)

Eyes: OK (1/2013)
Knees: 0/0
Elbows: 0/0
Hips: A/A
vWd: Free
ENM: Free
Teeth: OK

Semen test: OK (5/2013)
(Also frozen semen ok, available)

11/2013 (age 7y) Spine, bones and joints: prima, no changes.
10/2014 (age 8y) Teeth and mouth check-up: all ok, no changes.
11/2018 (age 12y) no health issues

Working test for spaniels SPA1 (Passed)

2x agility-CAC
Agility District Champion 2015
1st in Kooikerhondje agility champion race 2010

Master Class
2nd in Kooikerhondje obedience champion competition 2016

Open Class
1st in Kooikerhondje obedience champion competition 2016
2nd in Kooikerhondje obedience champion competition 2017

Dog shows:
FI CH, 3x CAC, 4x CACIB, 1x RES-CACIB, 1x RES-CAC, 9x BOB, 3x BOS, 1x BOB-puppy, 2x HP, 1x BIG-2, 2x BOB-veteran
BOB of Club Show of kooikerhondjes 2010 in Finland
BIS of Club Match 2010 in Netherlands
Show kooikerhondje of the year 2010

Koda is extremely enthusiastic and friendly to people in character. He is happily curious for other dogs. He is also very active and eager to please, fast and agile and also fairly brave.

Other fun hobbies (inactive):
rescue dog training, blood tracking, canicross



 Koda 12/2014

 Agility District Champion 10/2015

 Koda 5/2015 (BOB & BOB-veteran)



 BIG-2 (september 2011)

 Club Winner 2010




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